With Envy & Absinthe

by Morrowville

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"With Envy & Absinthe" was recorded during the summer of 2009, and was the first Morrowville record to be performed live.


released July 28, 2009

Guitar, vocals, percussion - Zach Evington
Bass, backing vocals - Jason Eckard
Piano, sax - Austin Glover
Backing vocals - Gentry Hodnett



all rights reserved


Morrowville Gastonia, North Carolina

We're a three (and sometimes four) piece rock band.


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Track Name: La Fée Verte
There's this novel I read slowly, born from the cancer lens.
I take it in pieces like I catalogue my sins.
Your words hold suspense but no surprise.
I read, pen in hand, with the green in my eyes.

I don't like it so I think I'll mark it through.
Or better yet exploit it 'till my green becomes a blue.

Circle their faults, place them over the pit falls.
And shake, shake, shake your head.
Your one-sided war is as good as dead.

There's this picture I paint morosely, with envy and absinthe..
I drink in movements and write to fake defend.
Your man is a mess but he holds my guise.
I paint, drink in hand, with this pain in my side.

I don't like him so I think I'll hate me too.
Or better yet play him 'till one becomes a two.

Darken my faults, drunken slurs yield tactless calls.
And take, take, back what I said.
Heroes become villains as she sprawls across the bed.

Cross that bridge to procure that itch.
You can scratch and scratch at it.
But you'll never mix a perfect fix.

I'm coming closer to the mother mary while I'm up under the green fairy.
Track Name: Thujone
It's all about the way you never get what you want.
hater shades mark your new détente.

Cause it's been downed again to make you down again.
Your bowing boy will wanna contend.
And I'll be too drunk to dare defend.

Cut me up, cut me out, cut me off.
Was that sound in sleep your rattle or cough?

"come on, come on, hide behind green eyes."

And it's downed again to make me down again.
That glowing green and offered hand
Her word is known but I'm not a fan.

Shut it up, shut it out, shut it off.
Was that choice of drink the one that I bought?

"He plucked her from the sea and cooked her.
Now sit up straight and drink some water."

Brain cells make a swimming sound.
Brain cells take a swim and drown.

"Keep visiting me, I'll preserve that frown."
"Keep visiting me, I'll hold you down."

Green-eyed and Thelema bound.
Wipe your stomach off the ground.

Piano rooms and broken brooms
make pit falls for this bride and groom.

My love comes with a number and proof.
Pit falls for this newfound youth
In a reality I haven’t yet visited.
Track Name: Is It A Lie?
Breath without a sense of doubt. Please, I know.
This children’s music box plays until it dies, but
You and I, don’t play.
We don’t have to be spun up.
We don’t have to be run by any type of battery.

You know what I meant when I told you the truth back then, oh, three years past. Said “I still think about you every day, please don’t blame me. I’m not crazy. Well maybe. But I fuck you.”

Is it Alie? Is it A Lie for me to love?
Is that the truth? That everyone I’ve lied to since you
Are so green.

I’m hearing monsters in the attic.
My feet disappear into a tattered love seat.
My wooden built is what they meet,
My body is empathic as I rise, my head to a pillow.
Much obliged to the pixilated ghosts that pass my glossy eyes.
They’re here bringing tears just to dry my eyes.

We’re on a cloud in the sky in which everyone dies,
And I look – I’m looking up and seeing you.
And like the fire bedside I’d save you.
But I have no wings.

And down towards the healing.
You showed me everything.

And now I can mimic
What I’ve learned.
I can play my guitar.
And you might appreciate
What I create for you
In my… art?

Is it A Lie?
Track Name: Melpomene
Who was beheaded in an open boat?
Who caught the men and ran away with their clothes?
Wear the fur coat that matters most.
The masking of the new flag you tote.

Just stay.
I am not young enough to know everything.
Just stay.
Become my caterer, don't say a thing.

Some laudanum to chase the line.
Mescal buttons hold the fur coat fine.

The way you looked that day.
I mean I couldn't say.
But this vibrant green reflects a gray.
And it makes me think I could've stayed
To follow through for something new.

And just stay.
I am not young enough to know everything.
Just stay.
Become my caterer, don't say a thing.

I named her Melpomene, she'll sweetly feed me.
I got a secret, I won't let you hear it.
Track Name: Sweety Honey Baby
Take your head to bed, you gotta rest it.

And dream the dreams the day doesn't give time to conceive.
To breath the air of your shitty saintly stare.
Sweety. you taste as holy as shit.

I hold that door for you, I don't even look at you.

Like, somehow it betters a rank.
Eighth floor, begin the name game.
The floors that I drop, the faces I crop.
To meet again at the top, what do I got?
A name.

Let’s play the major game, you forgot to participate.

Sweety, honey, baby, let’s go to your room
I’m not gonna buy into you, no borrowed glue.

"Sweety" "Honey" "Baby"
Stop with those names, they’re fucking evil.
Track Name: A Song of Sins
a give and take gets you in there late.

a memory man makes for your dinner date.

but there's never any truth.

can I grow up and get you?

"It's hard to sleep when your heart's in the other room."
he's speaking his Spanish, holding his broken broom.

Your thoughts wander where your mouth has gone.

But you're just a person, a sin in this song.

she will make babies or she will make art.

she will grow old and hide that birth mark.

she will make statements that she can never back up.

she'll know that she's lying and really, for what?

she will make up for the bridges she's burned.

she'll swim in the moat and we'll all look concerned.

she's bitten by piranha men who all want a piece.

she'll let them all in and they'll get fat and weak.

I tasted them all
and you were never any different.

I thought so once
before I embraced my secret.

reach for the bleach,

but don't you dare cleanse your tongue

this deed is your need
it's this deed you have done.

instead, bleach your head

and become someone else,

reborn in religion,
just like killing yourself.

with all these things I've done,

It's never enough, never any fun.

with all these sins I commit,

this isn't it, I need more of it.
Track Name: Droit du Seigneur
“Droit du seigneur…”

You made love to the city.
(In a touch and run,)
And country and never came.
(You’re in it’s game.)
Track Name: Fin de la fée verte (Funeral pt 1)
"No god," in here. We hold clear.
She opens me up and stirs my fear.
Green Melpomene wears a cold black tier.

A red blanket to cover the cracks,
Hide the smell, I can hide that fact.
But I'll never hide the love that I lack.

I stumble as a skeleton, the green it covers everything.
"You're high, meet your muscles, they're shy, third eye.”
My veins aren't mine cause I can hear them sing.

"No love," from three to thirty I am a seer.
In prospect, Kaysie wears a cold black tier.

The dead things in me
Will rise up to fail you, you'll see.
A Lie is left behind..

We're outside our borders, severed the umbilical cord.
The two of us attending a funeral for the world.

The sky breaks, we gotta get by.
The sky's fake, god I wish we weren't high.

Our visit to our dealer's door,
We are constantly wanting more.
Our visit to our dying world,
We are forever waiting for-

(Oh I am on the other side,
staring back, staring down.. at you now.)
Track Name: Samsara (Funeral pt 2)
I remember last, you were dressed all in white, clean cut and stitched.
Fonzie’d out on a bench, waiting for me to notice you.
I walked away from our conversation, thinking we should hang out soon.

But I guess that you knew what you were gonna do.
You said, “Don’t let me disturb your work.” “Yeah, keep up the good work."

Thoughts on you and legacy come spilling from the cancer lens.
Now I’ve got a leg up on anyone fulfilling this sin.
“I’m your ride, no questions asked”. Oh, this story bends, cause

We like to think we knew you more than you.
Saying "Lazarus was a good soul.” “Yeah, samsara for the tortured soul.”

My eyes are dumbly dropping bullshit.

To state: “This is real this time…”
And to ask “What is really real?”
It’s a question you would’ve smirked.

A school system message on the telephone.
Tell them all what he did was wrong.
No commemoration to challenged God.
But I challenge him everyday.

Stone-stares denying the afterlife.
A girl is drinking herself to sleep tonight.
A guy is drinking himself to slip inside.

In the news of a noose: Are you good? Are you truth?
Amongst all of these waddling hopeful tricks
Can you teach us all to give?

I’m learning things that I just can’t ever know.
A future landscape of our ashes sideswiping Mexico.
But when I call it off, some Mother’s day,

I’ll consider the relief (release) in letting go.