The Derelict

by Morrowville

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Full-length record recorded sporadically in the spring & summer months of 2010 in Greensboro, NC and Gastonia, NC.

It is a follow-up to the summer of 2009's "With Envy & Absinthe".

Both albums are in memory of Cesar Serrano & Dianne Wright.


released August 25, 2010



all rights reserved


Morrowville Gastonia, North Carolina

We're a three (and sometimes four) piece rock band.


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Track Name: Ennie Arden
Lazarus is gone.
Track Name: Sunday
I am seeing change in what they hang.
The plant that ate the south
Can finally make good on what it claimed.

A simmer in a thought of what was angst.
Oh beauty, come make good on what it claimed.

Like angels, only angles in her art.
Like strangers, only partners playing parts.
Mary Magdalene, Gaining on the flair.
Asylums with a famer, Gaining on the heir.

I am teasing days in who was made lame.
The weed that ate the grout
Can finally make good on what it claimed.

And what did it claim?
(To take, take back what I said.)
To fill my left side with hate in a bed.
As a dichotomy, I feel great.

Harrowing of hell inside of the heroin(e).
I got desires, and wishes against guilty ghosts.
In the name of science, let’s let Adam and Eve go.

(There’s no blood left inside my head-
Don’t worry. Only water was bled.)


Go make good on what I’ve said
By lying in some stranger’s bed.
Track Name: Daughters & Sons
Well you need me, degrade me with your three word make believe.
A plea for my life resting on an extra-long sleeve.
Oh, the dream of love, flustered osmosis.
We cover our wounds with placebo ambrosia.

My apartment, a factory.
I had high hopes, but now it’s time.
Autophobia names its price.
I wish it didn’t feel this nice.

You see a son call his favor.
A call for daughters to be blamers.
Well I know they’ll get the dough to pay for
My living, but not my love, don’t wanna sleep by them again.


I’ll find her divine to equal the sum of love.
I’ll fire her vine and tear her glove.
Plant that seed and wait for that dove.
“I’m ready to settle down, now where’s that love?”

Better now I made my way out.
Sunset boulevard, burning droves of girls.

A dream of love, washing away
The dust of everyday life.
Track Name: Burning Holes in Pockets
Ashes on blue,
There is no stopping you.
The young ones, so wealthy.
The young guns, unhealthy.

Grabbed in water at Santa Monica beach,
bagged for fodder and she’s begging for a reprieve.
She’s living for the thought
That any of those she once fought

They might return.

Hate begetting love begetting hate begetting love. begetting hate.
Where is she now? Somewhere between loves getting fucked, getting fucked and taking bait.
Where is she now?
(Where is the crowd?)

They might return. You know, just to burn. Burning holes in pockets.

Ashes on you,
There is no loving you.
The nice times are so awkward.
The mean times become boggarts.

Grabbed in favor at The Saviour’s breach,
Nagged for mother, and she’s blaming me for deceit.
She’s living for my cross,
At least she’s looking at me cross.


“You can stay, baby just pay. Anyway you can. Steal a soul from that memory man.
Dinner and a movie, here’s some cash for the hotel. Anyway you can.”

Burning holes in pockets.
Harrowing of hell in...
Track Name: Captain
Met my new doctor today,
Blonde hair and hater shades.
She gives me fifteen minutes to treat,
She says “See you back here in a week.”

A week…
For a god, I’m weak.

Can’t understand when she speaks.
It’s western medical jargon.
I asked her, “How many men do you treat?”
She says, “You’re my only patient, sweety.”


Met my new doctor today,
Lab coat and cabaret.
Laz likely would sue,
Says, “Most girlfriends are made out of glue.”

But this doctor,
Is made out of…
This doctor’s made out of sutures.

Asked her to walk the shores with me,
Got rid of those girls, no myrrhbearing.
There’s just one now walking the shores with me.
Just me and the doctor…

But I am the captain.
Track Name: The Derelict
In my mind, I walk the shores where I found what didn’t exist.
A ship wrecked, and inside a Kudzu Jesus.
Growing and pulling me and - the doctor into the joy of nothingness.
The feeling of all this searching fruitless, and resisting to resist.

She said, “This is beautiful.” And She thought, “It hurts.”

Pulling me and the doctor in.

The derelict ship begins eating itself to grow.
Expect me to be some kind of biblical hero.
I saved her shoe but I can’t save her soul.
The green it covers everything. The green it covers everything.
Go on and pull me in and I’ll be closer to Lazarus.
I can fix what has happened.


This is beautiful. And it hurts.
I said what I wanted to do and say, but I can’t.
I can’t reenact the mess you have turning upon me, yet.
And I told all of the past – sacred times pass away.

(Lazarus is gone)

Track Name: Sons & Daughters
Well you feed me, bathe me, and I pay to work your fields.
A knee for an eye resting on a spoiled window seal.
Oh, the sweet marching smell of mustard gas and roses.
We cover our wounds with placebo ambrosia.

My son is Jesus Christ.
I have high hopes, well this time.
My son’s gonna pay the price.
I wish he wouldn’t turn out so nice.

You claim your daughter a savior.
But it’s only after her Samaritan saves her.
Well you know, I’ll get the dough and I will pay her.
To bring me to god, to sleep beside me one night- that seems fair.


I’ll find her divine to equal the sum of love.
I’ll water her vine and wear her glove.
And kill the clone that claims her sky above.
“This isn’t pretty, then is it still love?”

Better now that you know how it feels.
Sweat the heartache and the eight flights of stairs.

Yeah we suck, you know just about as much
As you.
Track Name: Sanhedrin
Sunset Boulevard, everything burns.
I’ve got an obligation to the American son.
Let’s pretend that love exists.
Make me feel like I give a shit.

(So they can give me all their money.)

No, I can’t let them know what I do with my spare time.

But now isn’t it selfish to say, “my name is safe in your mouth.”
Don’t get too personal today, God warned against notifying the crowd.

No, I can’t let them know what I do with my spare time.
No I can’t let them know what dries my dollar eyes.

In the end I am
Colored by the shaded height.
Many men I’ve been-
Dollar-ed up to face the night hope
I should’ve been a woman.

Lazarus, I understand,
You were colored by the shaded height.
Women caught you gasping.
Liquored up to trace the tightrope.
I shouldn’t have been a person.

In the end I am
Colored by the shaded height
Of Neo Via Dolorosa.
Crown of thorns to face the night hope
I should’ve left seven years ago.

Let them judge me, and unfairly.
Track Name: Lazarus Taxon (Harrowing pt 1)
Mulholland drive, and god here I’m thirty-five years old.
Limo rides down a bathing bone, her borrowed hive is pure gold.
But it tastes so bad. Oh, it tastes like me.

They cut their heads off, they drown their eyeballs. Don’t wanna see the mold.
A baby being born, Could be the next lord. Maybe he would ask to be here.
We’re cold, we’re cuddling, and we’re full of fear.

“Dear Angela, I’m ready for more pictures. It’s just this time
We can’t mention this to your sisters. I forgot to do something for you.”

“Dear Maria, I’ll have you and I’ll ditch you. It’s just this time-
That thing can’t help with those blisters. I forgot to do something for you.”

Late night high gravity guitar talk- My favorite movie as our backdrop.
Suddenly you know me, the god that I have been preaching about.

I coulda helped. But I kept away, keeping pretty faces fed.
Two fish and five loaves of bread. I don’t eat, I know I’m a mess.

And now I’m getting head because someone I knew is dead.

“Dear Lazarus, guess I should be the ransom for many. It’s just this time-
I can’t bring you back. I forgot to do something for you.”

But you should know, we’ll show up again real soon in their books.
Track Name: Seven Years (Harrowing pt 2)
She copes with gravity, hips sway to break away.
An energy is lost when she says “I can’t stay,
Considering the fact I was never here. Don’t call me names.
I’m the loss that you should fear.”

And now it comes in threes, deaths of friends and their families.
My borrowed world is ending, so I think of all the flawed girls he sent me.

“Woman, this is your son. And Lazarus, this is your mother (daughter).
Human? Guess he wasn’t done. I keep to thinking of another.”

(I keep to making another bother.)

He shovels high gravity, eyes glued to my break away.
Their synergy is lost when he says “Just stay,
Considering the youth that’s disappeared. Please call me names.
I’m alone and just a visitor here.”

Visit her here.

Oh now it comes in threes, with criminals on both sides of me.
My borrowed smirk is sifting, and I think of all the awed girls he sent me.

Seven years to make you go away,
Seven years to make you wanna stay.
Seven years to make a group of friends.
Seven years and I won’t give a shit.
Seven years until you really quit.
Seven years and maybe I’ll go away.

Starving and looking for a Lazarus, someone I might forget,
I’m spent and waving down the mirrors of Los Angeles.

I don’t recognize anyone out in that pit.
But there’s her whisper in the PA saying “Open your eyes, this is it.”